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Sick and Home Bound

Please help us remember and to pray for all our loves one who are sick right now:

Remember to PrayDarrell Ritchison; Maureen Bell; Terry Heck; Rosemary Lowe; Bob McClure; Paul Herth;, Pauley Anna Collins; George Grove, Jr.; Sue Hawthorne; Angie McQueen; Angie Steele;; Nancy Kirchgraber; Paul Wilson; Larry Fulk; Karen Fields; Ruth Small, Ann Worland’s mother; Terry Clarke; Dominic Sospirato; Barbara Heck’s sister, Maggie Martin; Jeremy Dials, Geraldine Jones; Nancy Roberts; Lauretta Kuster; Dolores Ochat; Elmer Leppert; Maria Kelty Candelaria and Jan McMullen.

Let us remember them and all the sick in our prayers.

*Families are asked to please notify the parish office when a family member is ill or preparing for surgery.

The following are Catholic nursing home residents, you are encouraged to visit:

Residence at McCormick's Creek: Jan McMullen, Shirley Calvert, Ruth Allgood in Room 9, Georgette Billings in Room 13.

Please let the parish office know if the list should be updated.


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